CP/GMD Special Issue

CP/GMD inter-journal PMIP4 SpeciaI Issue

This special issue is devoted to the description of the design of the PMIP4 experiments, of data syntheses to which model results can be compared, and to papers analyzing single or multi-model results from PMIP4 and CMIP6 experiments. Papers can either be submitted to GMD or CP

Geoscientific Model Development

  • GMD: model and simulation descriptions, data syntheses in support of the experimental design or of model-data comparisons
  • Editor(s): GMD topical editors
  • Coordinator: Masa Kageyama
  • GMD PMIP4 Special Issue

Climate of the Past

  • CP: in-depth analyses, multi-model analyses, model-data comparisons
  • Editor(s): Masa Kageyama, Pascale Braconnot, Sandy Harrison, Johann Jungclaus, Bette Otto-Bliesner, and Marie-France Loutre
  • CP PMIP4 Special Issue

More information

For more general information about PMIP, please see the special issue of the PAGES magazine devoted to PMIP on its 30th anniversary