• AGU 2019 Fall Meeting
    San Francisco, USA
    Monday 9 December 2019 to Friday 13 December 2019

    Some PMIP related sessions

    • GC037: Extreme climate events and climate variability during the Holocene: Observation and Modeling
    • PP007: Climate Change in Geological Records and Earth System Models: Lessons for the Future from CMIP6 Paleoclimate Efforts
      This session is part of the WCRP 40th Anniversary Symposium
    • PP010: Deep Ocean Circulation Changes and Their Impacts
    • PP026: Orbital Forcing of Climate and the mid-Pleistocene Transition
    • PP035: The Early Eocene and PETM: Challenging our Understanding of High-CO2 Worlds, Evaluating Climate Models, and Assessing Implications for our Future Climate

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    Fall meeting details ...

  • AGU 2018 Fall meeting
    Washington DC, USA
    Monday 10 December 2018 to Friday 14 December 2018

  • Third PMIP-DATA workshop
    Agadir, Morocco
    Monday 8 October 2018

    The PMIP-DATA group are involved in the organization of the third workshop of the PAGES SISAL (Speleothem Isotopes Synthesis and Analysis) Working Group, 8-12th October 2018 in Agadir, Morocco.
    The first version of the SISAL database will be released this summer (after the publication of the paper documenting the database) and the purpose of the Agadir meeting is to work on a series of analyses of this data.
    If you are interested in knowing more about this meeting, please contact Sandy P. Harrison